Seasons after Fall Review – Forgettable As Autumn Leaves

Due to the combination of preparing for EGX and reviewing a good few September releases, I’ve been feeling rather stressed. I’ve plagued my usual online haunts with banshee-like screaming about one thing or the next. One suggestion I got to cool myself down was to go on a walk. However, I generally don’t get along with the outdoors as I’m easily frightened. So instead, I thought I’d review something calming. So I dug up a review copy of nature-exploration title Seasons after Fall to look at.

Seasons after Fall is a side-scrolling game made by Swing Swing Submarine. Within the earth of a forest lies you. There you slumber, as a spirit of some kind with no past. Until one day, without provocation, you rise to the surface. Upon which a seed makes you possess a fox. She then tells you to go off and collect four symbols of the seasons so she can perform a ritual.


Off you go then into each of the four zones represented by the seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter. As you start gathering the symbols, it is hard to ignore the condensed whimsy this game embraces. From the aesthetic, to how your fox leaps and bounds across the land and even the lack of enemies make it a forest of frolicking than anything else. It is hard not to hold a pleasant relaxing smile as you wander around looking for the ritual components….

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