Auralux: Constellations Review – Strategy of the Stars

Auralux: Constellations is casual yet complex and it’s such a great thing to have in a game, especially on mobile platforms. It starts very accessible, easy-to-learn, and kind in its approach to teaching you the mechanics, but even after spending about a dozen hours with it I’ve yet to master it. It has a sweet balance where it is both fair and frustrating, while also easy to understand, and yet it will still manage to test your patience. My hat would be off to the developer if I wore hats because they’ve outdone themselves with a worthy and addictive sequel.


War Drum Studios has crafted an outer space environment for you to conquer across 150+ levels with different modes and varied combinations. As you tackle each constellation you’ll be charging up your planets with energy and using it to fill up meters to take other planets over. With each and every planet you add you’ll earn extra energy which can be used to conquer additional planets more quickly. However, you will absolutely need to put that energy to work across multiple tasks though as other planets will be attempting to take over yours. Your energy can cancel theirs out (depending on how much power output and how many planets they’re attacking with at once) and prevent them from turning your planet neutral before adding it to their arsenal. It’s a more simplistic approach to Real Time Strategy but it can still get complicated and chaotic in the middle of matches. From upgrading planets you already have in your possession, conquering additional planets, and defending planets under attack, it gets chaotic and intense before you even factor in the actions of the enemies who oppose you…

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